Sierra Soundtrack Classics

Words by Daniel Stacey
Music by Tom Lewandowski
Performed by Little Miss Muffet

An Adventure within an Adventure . . .
When Daniel first mentioned that he had developed words for a small segment of a melody heard during the KQ2 Introduction theme, I think we all realized that there was an opportunity at hand that we should further explore. Why not create a complete, studio-like song, with real singers and instruments? Certainly, this would be a first for a 'fan-made' game. At this time, the AGDI team resided on three different continents, and our budget was...non-existent. This would all have to be done digitally, via the Internet. We had the people, and we had some equipment, so we all did our part from thousands of miles apart. Eventually, these parts all arrived at Quest Studios where they were all mixed together into what you hear now.

184 kbps / 44.1 kHz / STEREO / 3:21 mins.

When I saw you, I knew it was true.
There's a love between us, won't be torn in two.
Once waked from sleep, I'll smile and speak,
We'll open a door, forevermore.

Our fates' unknown, so rarely shown.
Together you and I will see it ever sewn.
When you saw me, the truth you would see,
That your heart could feel its' emptiness heal.

Paths are laid down, lines in the sand.
It's happening now, you must understand,
Hearts can reveal just what they feel.
Roads began anew when I saw you.

Soon we shall pair, our lives' true and fair.
Nothing will divide us, apart we'll be ne'er.
As the bell rings, our destiny brings
The future draws near, hold tight my dear.

Hold tight . . .

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