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Thursday, 09 April 2009 14:42

"Main Title Theme"


"Hong Kong"


"Ho's Bar (Ho/Goons/Chi)"


"Master Wu's Shop"


"Hong Kong Airport"


"Hong Kong Airport Immigration Bust"


"Flight To Chengdu"


(The Peasant)


"Chengdu Fortress"


"Chengdu Fortress Sewers"


"Fortress Foyer"


"Fortress Dining Hall"


"Fortress Chase"


"Nurse Kate's Rescue 1

(The Snake)"


"Nurse Kate's Rescue 2

(Fleeing The Fortress)"


"The Tank"


"Flight To Kathmandu"


"Kathmandu Cliffs"




"Ama's Lament"


"The Streets Of Kathmandu"


"Tipsy Ama"


"Walallamallajan Lama"


"Kathmandu Tavern"


"Kubla The Junkyard Attendant"


"Kathmandu Telegraph Office"




"Bojon's Defeat"


"Flight To Istanbul"


"Istanbul Airport"


"Istanbul City Center"


"British Officer's Club"


"Telephone Call To Lomax"


"Jake Masters Arrested"


"Kasim's Quality Merchandise Resale Boutique"
(The Pawn Shop)


"Mohmar's Shell Game"


"Orient Express Train Station"


"Nabob's Palace"


"Lucky's Rescue"


"Orient Express To Paris"


"Orient Express (Dining Car)"


"The Fight With Tong

(Orient Express Arcade)"





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CD Cover Art by Quest Studios.
** CD Label design by Jay Grant.

Thanks to Alistair Gillett for providing additional MIDI files for some of the selections in this soundtrack.

NOTE: Other arrangements of some of these tracks may also be available on our Miscellaneous MP3/Ogg pages.


Copyright ©2005 QUEST STUDIOS. All rights reserved.

All songs and screen captures Copyright ©1986-1998 Vivendi Universal/Sierra On-Line/Dynamix, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

All GS, XG, and General MIDI conversions performed by Quest Studios unless otherwise stated.



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